Updated October 2018

Distributed computing and systems programming

The Taylor Lab in the Biology department at Johns Hopkins University is looking for self-driven individuals to fill multiple software development positions. The work will revolve around the Galaxy application (galaxyproject.org), which is a software framework that (a) enables researchers to store, analyze, visualize and share genomic data and (b) provides genomic tool developers with the ability to deploy their tools within a complete analysis framework. Galaxy is an extremely popular data analysis platform with thousands of worldwide researchers using it on a daily basis.

All work performed in the lab is open source and we are committed to the openness of scientific enterprise. Galaxy is written in Python and Javascript with vue.js while the support infrastructure relies on Ansible and, increasingly, containers. We are looking to expand the capacity of the current application and provider better integration with other similar tools.


  • Experience with container technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, Helm)
  • Strong understanding of Python and web development principles, including REST API design
  • Background with cloud computing technologies, GCE, AWS, Azure, OpenStack
  • Experience with automation and configuration management, preferably using Ansible
  • Understanding of authentication and authorization technologies, such as OIDC
  • Familiarity with distributed file systems, ideally in the context of containers

What you’ll be doing:

  • Design and build cloud infrastructure necessary to allow Galaxy to handle an order of magnitude more users and jobs
  • Automate most aspects of Galaxy deployment for high-availability and self-healing (K8S & Helm)
  • Decompose Galaxy into service-based architecture to facilitate more federated approach to resource harnessing
  • Integrate external authentication and authorization services and solutions

More than anything, we seek self-motivated individuals that are willing to learn and join our team. Galaxy is developed in an academic research environment with collaborators spread all over the world. Please share with us why you are interested in joining Galaxy. Include a link to your GitHub profile and a statement why we should hire you.

Note that this is a full time position located in Baltimore, Maryland.