We are a computational biology lab in the Biology Department at Johns Hopkins University with research interests in bioinformatics, computational genomics, and data intensive science.

Genomics of gene regulation: we seek to achieve a global understanding of the genomic basis of gene regulation, particularly over time and in development, using functional genomics and machine learning. We have a long standing interest in identification of cis-regulatory modules, particularly long-range enhancers. More recently, we have been focusing on understanding the determinants of 3D genome organization and its role in gene regulation.

Data intensive science: We work to increase access to compute and data intensive methods for the scientific research community, particularly in genomics. We are part of the team that develops Galaxy, a framework for making large scale computational analysis more accessible and reproducible. In the context of Galaxy we have research interests in data visualization and analytics, cloud and high-performance computing, transparent and reproducible scientific publication. We are particularly concerned with improving the reproducibility of published scientific results that depend on complex methods.

Recent Publications

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